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The City Centre Community ASsociaion

City Centre Community Association has been running recreation programs in the Richmond city core since September 1993. Our Association was registered as a society on January 5, 1994.  Since then, we have steadily grown in our service to the community. We offer programs for all age groups including preschoolers, children, youth, adults, and seniors. Learn more about us, our staff, and our Board of Directors below.

Vision Statement

City Centre, the heart of Richmond, welcoming, connecting, and engaging.

Mission Statement

To provide inclusive social, cultural and recreational events, programs, and services to build healthy individuals, families and community.


People; Excellence; Leadership; Team; Innovation

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of dedicated, community minded volunteers who manage the affairs of City Centre Community Association in accordance with its Constitution, Bylaws and Society Act.

  • President: Jamil Karim

  • Co-Vice President: Venecia Williams

  • Co-Vice President: Ryan Wong

  • Treasurer: Annie Lei

  • Secretary: Paige Robertson

  • Director: Henry Cheung

  • Director: Moon Chan

  • Director: Jose Gonzalez

  • Director: Michael Cha

  • Director: Victoria Mah


Area Coordinator: Sue Varley, 604-204-8560

Community Facilities Coordinator: Kevin Cromie, 604-204-8563

Community Facilities Coordinator: Vanessa Tong, 604-204-8562

Recreation Leader: Marco Yip, 604-204-8571

Recreation Facility Clerk: Melanie Archer, 604-204-8561

Fitness Coordinator: Nelson Chiu, 604-204-8567

Seniors Coordinator: Judy Shih, 604-204-8574

Preschool Coordinator: Kris Aquino, 604-204-8572

Youth Development Coordinator: Kasie Kwok, 604-204-8578

Community Development Coordinator: Helena Eglis, 604-204-8582

Summer Coordinator: Karly Lim, 604-204-8581

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