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Group Fitness

City Centre offers a range of classes led by qualified, dedicated staff ready to share knowledge and experience in a variety of programs including Yoga, Cycle Fit, Bootcamp, and so much more!


Incorporate poses, breathing techniques and positive affirmations to improve coordination, strength and flexibility for sports and other activities.

Core & Strength

Core specific or overall strengthening and stretching that utilizes various resistance devices and bodyweight.

Ease into Fitness

Utilize cardio, muscular endurance, and flexibility exercises designed to meet achievable, healthy goals.

Pure Stretch

Full body stretch to increase flexibility, rejuvenating your entire body.

Tabata Express

Combine traditional resistance training, body weight, endurance and calisthenics into a fast paced class.

Cardio & Strength

Pump it up for a total body workout with cardio moves followed by a functional strength routine.

Cycle Fit

Get fit with speed and resistance drills designed to improve cardio, endurance, and strength. Experience indoor cycling with the big screen synced to your bike through Technogym technology.


High Intensity Interval Training combines resistance and endurance training in a fast-paced, non-choreographed workout. Power Fit Dance: Move to the rhythms of upbeat music in this fun-filled dance-based cardio class.

Total Body Conditioning

Work with a variety of resistance equipment for a head-to-toe strength and endurance routine.

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