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Personal Training

Improve fitness and wellness with support from a registered personal trainer. To get started on your personal training journey, fill out the forms linked below.

Fees and Rates

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frequently asked questions

  • How do I pick a trainer?
    City Centre has a diverse team of personal trainers, each with their own areas of expertise and skills to meet your needs. Our fitness coordinator will review your application and match you with a trainer that can support your fitness goals. If you have any specific accommodation needs, please note this in your application.
  • I've submitted my personal training package! What do I do next?
    Our Fitness Coordinator will review your application and match you with a trainer that meets your goals and needs. While we always try our best to accommodate everyone, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to match a trainer with your availability. To mitigate this, please indicate as many timeslots as possible in your application package.
  • How do I schedule training sessions?
    After submitting your personal training package, our fitness coordinator will connect you with a trainer whose schedule matches your availability. Your trainer will then schedule appointments with you for your training sessions.
  • How does Group Training work?
    Group training allows for groups of 2 or 3 to train together with personal trainer. Our team will do our best to design a program that meets the needs of everyone in your group.
  • I've scheduled my first session! How do I attend my session?
    After you have scheduled your sessions, you will need to visit our front desk to purchase personal training sessions. These sessions will be loaded onto an Active Pass, which you will use to scan each time you visit our fitness centre. You will need to inform our front desk team that you are attending personal training, so that they can provide you with a personal training ticket. Please take this ticket to your trainer so that we can keep track of your attendance.
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